Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials and clinical studies are extremely important and are the heart of the advancement of science and medicine. Clinical trials look at investigational treatments, medical procedures, and devices to determine if they work and are safe to use. These trials also look for better ways to manage diseases and improve the quality of life for those with chronic illness. Around 60% of clinical trials cannot be conducted due to lack of patient enrollment, which means that potentially life-saving, and life-changing treatments never make it to the medical market.

Deciding to participate in a clinical trial is a personal decision and the reasons for participating are different for each person. For anyone considering participation in a clinical trial, it’s important to look carefully at all of the factors, such as safety, potential side effects and other pros and cons of the trial.

There are many benefits to participating in a clinical trial. You are able to take an active role in your health care, gain access to new investigative treatments, advance medical knowledge, and help advance the knowledge and treatment options for other patients.

Can I Take Part?